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meet katie



I believe it's so important for you to feel good about your floral investment and feel confident that your florist will deliver. by working with bloom52, not only can you feel good about your investment (learn how you're making a positive difference in our community here) but you can be confident that your needs will be met with ease. i make every effort to limit myself to one wedding per weekend to ensure you receive the utmost attention and care throughout the processing and design week leading up to and including delivery and installation on your wedding day.

this is so much more than a job to me. It's my passion and a profession I cultivate with great intention and care. the creative process is something i feel so fortunate to be able to engage in everyday as a florist. I love playing with color, shape and texture to create one of a kind arrangements, that will captivate you and your guests, and add the perfect touch to the event you've thoughtfully planned for your closest family and friends. Ultimately, we want your flowers to create memories and make people feel; and they will. i promise to go above and beyond to make you feel like your investment was totally worth it, and then some. I'm so excited to meet and work with you to design flowers that your guests won't be able to stop talking about, and that you'll remember forever. With so many florists to choose from, I am humbled and grateful that you are considering investing in me and it would be my honor to work with you.


a little MORE ABOUT ME...


MY journey TO becoming a florist has been a creative one, with stops along the way studying and working in MARKETING,  PHOTOGRAPHY, graphic design and art education. my design sensibility is influenced by my LOVE for the arts and mother nature. I am grateful to have grown up on cape cod and have so many treasureD MEMORIES of summers spent by the ocean with FAMILY and friends. THE BEACH WILL FOREVER BE MY HAPPY PLACE. My love for the sun, earth, sand and sea resonates throughout my floral work, which I curate to emote a fresh, LUSH, garden aesthetic. 


I AM INSPIRED BY MOTHER NATURE'S IMAGINATION AND OFTEN find myself in aWE OF the BREATHTAKING IMAGERY she creates. BECAUSE I RESONATE STRONGLY WITH NATURAL SETTINGS, I TEND TO GRAVITATE towards designing florals for outdoor celebrations captured in natural light, AND FILM PHOTOGRAPHY WILL ALWAYS HAVE MY HEART. I'm a DREAMER, wanderer and ENTREPRENeuR. And a TRUE BELIEVER IN THe FAIRYTALE LOVE YOU READ ABOUT AND SEE IN MOVIES. THE BIGGEST HOPELESS ROMANTIC you'll meet. I LOVE to travel and am seeking every OPPORTUNITY right now to do sO! I plan on growing bloom52 into a Destination floral COMPANY serving clients at home and afar, exploring the world as I go.

As a former art teacher in Boston Public schools, urban artS education is a cause I hold near and dear to my heart. To honor this, I've set the intention for bloom52 to be a vehicle through which we give back to our community.



due to the nature of our current social and political climate, I feel the need to share that I welcome collaborations with everyone.
 I love and support you and am here for you, regardless of race, sexual preference, GENDER, AGE, ABILITY or ethnicity. I can't wait to meet you, to hear your story and to design the flowers of your dreams.
xo, Katie